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5 Signs Your Franchisor Management Software is Obsolete

Apr 25,2018 By

Franchisor management software isn’t hard to come by; a quick Googling nets 733,000 results (and a juicy front-page endorsement for

But not all franchisor management software is created equal. In fact, quality and capabilities differ wildly from one system to another. So how do you know which is right for you, or worse, that your current software is outdated?

Today’s post spotlights 5 red flags to watch out for in franchisor management software. If any of these sound like your system, don’t fret: a simple upgrade can get you all the competitive advantage you’re currently missing in no time at all.

  • Siloed software. Is your current franchisor management software guilty of the “Silo Mentality”?The risks are well-established in the field of strategic business management. We know that successful firms ensure that data flows freely through inter-departmental information systems, and do everything they can to avoid informational bottlenecks. This leads to faster decision-making, greater flexibility, fewer redundancies (think repetitive data entry, for example), and higher levels of cooperation and collegiality.There are a lot of abstract ways to promote centralized information systems and combat the “Silo Mentality” in the literature. The most common solution is to build a sense of unity within the organization, often by rallying behind a single, overarching goal that transcends departmental divides and promotes data sharing.That all sounds very nice, but, like we said, a little abstract. So we took this ethos and built our franchisor management software around it.Having everyone on the same page doesn’t matter if your software is still siloed. Using different programs for your franchise development, unit management, marketing, bookkeeping, lead generation, and email is just not efficient for big-picture decision-making. Time is wasted pooling data from different sources and the problem is exponentially greater for franchisors trying to make sense of company-wide stats.Fully-integrated modular software is the only way to go. It combines the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you eliminate data entry redundancies and break away from the Silo Mentality with fully-synthesized software. But you still get the organizational benefits of modular structure.
  • Hardware ball-and-chain. In a few years, we’ll look at hardware-based business virtualization the same way we currently think about people who manage their businesses out of notebooks. Entrusting vital business files to a single computer, or even an entire computer bay, just isn’t safe. A single flood or power outage could set you back years.Cloud-based franchisor management software is far safer. Moreover, it gives franchisors the ability to access, monitor, and manage their entire brand from any WiFi-enabled device.Get on the cloud and drop the hardware ball-and-chain.
  • Rigid and retroactive reporting. Basing your franchise management strategy off of a single monthly report leaves you vulnerable to threats and liable to miss opportunities. If your franchisor management software doesn’t give you real-time monitoring capabilities, you’re behind the curve.
  • Limited automation. Good franchisor management software automatically copies and integrates relevant data between models, then organizes it into helpful reports and real-time dashboard displays. Yet enterprise-level decision-makers around the country continue to waste time on data-porting busywork. If that’s you, it’s time to upgrade.
  • A “one size fits all” approach. The best franchisor management software can be deployed in any industry and accommodate any business structure. But that mean finding a one-size-fits-all approach; quite the opposite, in fact. The answer is extensive customization. Your franchisor management software should give you a rock-solid framework with which to tailor unique digital systems.

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