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3 Quick Examples of Franchise Automated Solutions in Action

Apr 23,2018 By

Today’s post runs through 3 quick examples of franchise automated solutions in action to help you wrap your head around how our software makes life easier (and wallets fatter) at both the individual and enterprise level.

“Self-serve” franchise support to keep you focused on high-priority problems.

Quality support services are a cornerstone of any franchise system. And while every franchisee deserves fast, responsive, and authoritative support, corporate help centers frequently get bogged down with minor help requests that could have been resolved by simply referring to operational manuals or consulting with fellow owners. And this problem doesn’t just eat up franchisor resources; this method takes longer for the franchisee to get an answer, too, and may even tie up support staff who are truly needed elsewhere.

To combat this problem, and improve the autonomy, independence, and systems adherence of franchise owners, we developed a comprehensive Intranet system for franchisors to upload, edit, and share all system and operational materials. This virtual library is equipped with a powerful search tool that makes it a one-stop, self-serve support center.

Granted, not every problem will be solved this way. Fortunately, our software makes it very easy to communicate with other franchisees, so that owners can get in the habit of helping each other out.

If these franchise automated solutions don’t do the trick, then the franchisee can turn to more traditional support channels, which will now be freed up and ready to help!

Forget the “needle in the haystack” candidate hunt.

Finding quality candidates to develop your franchise is a grueling task when done the “old fashioned way.”

Stop combing through Tolstoy-esquecorrespondence chains trying to figure out who’s worth pursuing. At the enterprise level, your time is money, which is why we developed the “heat meter” to identify your hottest leads in real time based on custom criteria. Focus on what matters – growing your brand and managing your franchise family – and we’ll alert you when a lead is ready, then set you up with correspondence records, contact number, and everything else you need for a successful conversion.

Make marketing campaign planning and execution easier at every level of franchising

First, our software allows franchisees to manage components of their local marketing campaign on the go, which increases their freedom and flexibility, and generally gets better results.

As one might expect, there’s a positive correlation between the amount of “TLC” you give your marketing and the degree to which it pays off. Our software simply makes it a lot easier to find time for that tender loving care – on your commute, while lying in bed at night, or even during commercial breaks watching TV, so long as your mobile device is handy.

Moreover, because you get auto-generated reports and the ability to monitor your key performance metrics in real time, stressful marketing decisions can be resolved with a quick glance at your dashboard.

Need to know if your PPC campaigns are paying off? Or maybe you want to see how your renewed marketing effort has affected conversions over the past 6 months? And how will you set realistic quarterly goals for your marketing campaign without referring back to your current sales stats?

This used to be a multi-tab, multi-app, cross-platform affair; in some cases, you might have even needed to check different computers or send across emails asking for file access. Now it’s all at your fingertips, in the same software you use to run your entire operation.

At the same time, our franchise automated solutions make enterprise-level planning and collaboration effortless. Once all owners are using the same software, the schematics of a high-performing marketing campaign can be shared with every franchisee on the roster in a few simple clicks, without ever navigating outside our software. Data is automatically collected from the entire franchise family and displayed in a franchisor dashboard so campaigns can be adopted, improved, tailored, and tweaked in real-time.

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