7 Ways Franchise Management Solutions Save You Money

7 Ways Franchise Management Solutions Save You Money

May 16,2018 By

If you need another reason to implement franchise management solutions, consider that they practically pay for themselves. That may sound like tired promotional shtick, but it’s 100% true.

Today’s post explains some of the ordinary and extraordinary ways that franchise management solutions save you money en route to literally paying for themselves.

Franchise management solutions start “earning their keep” right away by cutting the cost of everyday items:

  • Field service management saves mileage on your vehicle and money at the pump. In the past, signing off on projects and supporting technicians on-site meant driving out to handle it in person. Over time, vehicle mileage and gas expenses really added up. But now, with the right field management software, you can do it all on your mobile device without leaving the office, or the boardroom, or even the couch. Respond to client orders, geo-locate your reps on a central dashboard to assign the work remotely, review images uploaded by the field rep to sign off on a job well-done, and process the payments all with a few clicks from an internet-enabled device.
  • Fully integrated systems cut data entry time to nil. Our franchise management solutions are organized into modular units, but they’re not “siloed.” On the contrary, our software system is completely integrated, which means you only ever have to upload or type in a given piece of data once. For example, inputting a budget for your marketing campaign automatically ports that info into your bookkeeping software, and factors it into your monthly reports.
  • Save on stationery with streamlined communications. Sending memos, faxes, and other physical reminders is a thing of the past. While ridding your office of any and all office supplies would be a little drastic, franchise management solutions definitely shrink the annual stationery budget by virtualizing the majority of communications using fast, familiar, and effective messaging software. Sending your SMS, emails, and franchise-wide memo blasts through a single app also saves times in terms of dissemination, and greatly increases the odds that your message gets read.
  • Stop spending money on unnecessary cheques and invoices. We all know that timeless business adage about spending money to make money, but whoever coined it probably didn’t see digital invoices coming! More and more people are opting for paper-free payments and invoicing today as a way to cut down on clutter and do something nice for the environment. And that’s great news for business owners who welcome the opportunity to save a few bucks each year on cheques, invoices, quotes, and receipts.Our franchise software lets you invoice on-site and collect payment using whatever payment mode your client prefers from any mobile device. Alternately, you can prepare and process the invoice remotely, saving clients and staff even more time.

But franchise management solutions also save big money in extraordinary ways by informing big-picture strategy in ways that any franchisor can appreciate:

  • Avoid costly threats and pounce on lucrative opportunities with better reporting. In addition to regularly preparing automated reports, FranchiseSoft lets you monitor performance at the individual and enterprise level in real time, so you can jump on opportunities and steer clear of threats faster than the competition.
  • Avoid the marketing money-pit. For whatever reason, many franchise owners fail to measure the performance of their marketing campaigns at the level they should. Instead, they simply plod along, investing the same baseline budget month after month, without any real idea of the returns they’re generating (or not!). But our reporting software shows you exactly what you’re spending, and the value of the leads you’re generating, so you can make smarter decisions about your marketing dollars.
  • Identify underperformers and take appropriate action. Individual franchise performance reports can be viewed at any time, so you can spot which franchisees need help.

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