Attract, Input, and Convert: A Franchise Lead Management Software Showcase in 700 Words or Less

Attract, Input, and Convert: A Franchise Lead Management Software Showcase in 700 Words or Less

Jan 28,2019 By

Today’s post highlights the value of our franchise lead management software at every stage of the sales process. Read on to learn how FranchiseSoft helps your brand stand out from the competition, bring leads into the system, and increase conversions.

Making a Strong First Impression

One of the most difficult parts of lead generation–grabbing the lead’s attention–also happens to be the first step in the process.

Last year, 61% of marketers said that their main challenge was generating traffic and leads, according to the 2018 State of Inbound survey. At the same time, 69% of marketers indicated that their top priority was converting contacts and leads to customers (or, for our purposes, franchisees).

In 2019, inbound and outbound marketing is at a fever pitch. Companies are going all-out to passively attract new leads with high-quality content and stunning websites. At the same time, outbound marketing has gotten much more aggressive, especially as new angles of attack are developed–the average quality candidate gets so many event invites, phone calls, emails, and snail mail messages that your lead generation efforts might start to feel like a needle in a haystack.

So how do you make a strong first impression in this highly competitive climate? Our franchise lead management software can help.

First of all, FranchiseSoft’s all-around functionality will level-up your inbound marketing game. Using powerful metrics from auto-generated pipeline reports, you get insider info on what your target audience is looking for, as well as where they’re looking. This raw data makes it easier than ever to craft compelling content that reads well, engages, and ranks highly in the SERP in order to bring leads to you.

A big part of inbound marketing also has to do with your brand’s reputation and overall online appearance–in order to passively attract leads, your brand needs to be attractive, right? To that end, the all-around functionality of our franchise management solution will make your operations more efficient, leading to happy customers that leave glowing and eye-catching reviews. Plus it will be easier than ever to keep your website looking polished and up-to-date since FranchiseSoft puts the site manager at your fingertips. Furthermore, FranchiseSoft seamlessly integrates with any lead portal to populate leads for you automatically.

Our powerful back-end analytics, pipeline reports, and 36-degree lead profiles also ensure your outbound marketing is data-driven and highly effective. Leverage industry trends, demographic data, and your own lead generation insights to make a strong first impression without blowing the budget.

Entering Leads Into the System

Once you’ve generated relevant traffic to your website and impressed users with your content, it’s time to input leads into the system, which is easier than ever with our franchise lead management software.

The 360 View of Contact shows all lead contact information, including lead name, phone number, email, description, net worth, cash available for investment, inquiry date, inquiry time, lead source, and more. All of this information can be inputted manually, but our franchise lead management software maximizes automation opportunities by seamlessly integrating with many lead portals and website tools (e.g. contact forms).

You can also create automated welcome emails that greet leads, point them towards additional resources, and reassure them that a representative will be in touch shortly. Thus, from the moment they submit their contact information, the lead is already being moved further through the sales process. From the lead’s point of view, this looks great for your brand.

Turning Leads Into Candidates

Once you’ve got leads interested in your brand, it’s time to start the conversion process, which means nurturing the relationship over a period of time, during which you must keep them engaged, answer questions, and move them further through the sales cycle. This is where our franchise lead management software truly shines.

Start your free virtual walkthrough here for a first-person view of what our software can do for your conversion rate.