Is Your Management Software Franchise Friendly

Is Your Management Software Franchise Friendly?

Jul 25,2018 By

Generic business management software doesn’t fly in the franchise world.

As current and former franchise owners ourselves, making our software franchise-friendly was one of the primary goals we had during the development phase.

So what does that mean, exactly? Read on!

Today’s post spotlights 4 franchise-friendly features that separate our management software solution from the competition.

  • Optimizing intra-franchise communications.

    Unlike other business models, franchises require constant communication between separate unit owners in order to coordinate brand-wide changes. So we made it easy for users to contact any member of their contacts or franchise family – one by one or en masse – from any device, using whatever mode of contact you prefer.

  • Trimming the fat from end-user training.

    Learning how to use franchise software shouldn’t be a headache, but franchisors continue to lose time, money, and opportunities to prolonged end-user training.

    We’re of the belief that it doesn’t make sense to pay for a software solution that’s going to hinder productivity or require you to hire a third-party IT team for training. And that’s why we focused on built-in support and training to make our management software franchise (and franchisee) friendly.

  • Streamline onboarding for franchise owners.

    Franchises are unique from other business in that they have more frequent and intense onboarding demands. You’re not just training a new employee; you’re training new business owners how to operate their units in accordance with standardized, highly detailed processes that are essential for your brand’s consistency.

    Thus, to make our management software franchise friendly, we had to put a lot into our onboarding functionality. And we did – get the full scoop on our franchise support and training modules here.

  • Embracing customization at every turn.

    Broadly speaking, there are at least 4 types of franchise structures – single franchise units, area developers, area representatives, and sub-franchisors. Of course, beyond that, there are countless industries in which these variable system structures are deployed. With so many different franchise structures involved in so many different industries, there’s no way to make a single rigid software system work without limiting yourself to generic scheduling, bookkeeping, and communication software.

    The only way to go deeper and design a system that can provide user-specific solutions is to make everything customizable. And that’s exactly what we did.

    Though our software provides excellent out-of-the-box value, it gets better as you go; the more data you input about your franchisees and unique system, the more opportunities you get to create new types of content, automate tasks and training, and generate high-impact reports.

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