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Managing a Franchise in 2018: What Makes Software Essential

May 04,2018 By

In 2018, franchising is more popular than ever, which has increased the level of competition that brand owners face, both in terms of unit-level sales and enterprise-level development.

In today’s competitive environment, quality software is essential for managing a franchise. This post touches on a few reasons why franchise software has become a well-known secret to success – and why you can’t afford to be running things the old fashioned way.

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Managing a franchise at the corporate level

Managing a franchise at the corporate level just isn’t practical without quality software.

Our cloud-based system streamlines operations and creates competitive advantages in the following ways:

  • Consolidate critical data and communications. FranchiseSoft lets you aggregate operational data across multiple locations so you can make big-picture decisions off a single dashboard. When the entire brand is using the same software to run sales, marketing, field service management, support, and employee management, system-wide data rests at your fingertips, and can easily be exported to other systems as needed.
    Moreover, quality software consolidates all of your communications in a single app. That means you can reach out to leads, follow-up with happy clients, and check in with franchise owners from the same program, which will boost sales, improve customer relations, and build closer connections with other members of your franchise family.
  • Optimize your supply chain. Even when you’re able to spot supply chain inefficiencies, implementation lag can be a problem without quality software. FranchiseSoft gives franchisors complete control with real-time dashboards, automatic stock replenishment capabilities, ordering tools, and integrated messaging to keep suppliers relationships strong.
  • Boost sales on every level. Modern franchise software will give you customer loyalty and sales promotion tools to drive sales to local units, in addition to CRM components dedicated to building and nurturing leads for franchise sales.
  • Automatically produce dynamic reports. Analyze growth, avoid threats, and jump on opportunities faster than the competition with automated, fat-free reports that spotlight key performance indicators.
  • Take franchise-wide system adherence to the next level. Consistency is key in franchising, but motivating franchise owners to comply with operational processes and brand best practices isn’t easy the old fashioned way. FranchiseSoft gives you the power of real-time franchise monitoring; streamlines communications when reminders or memos are needed; and compiles your brand data and playbook in a secure Intranet archive that can be accessed anytime questions arise.

Managing a franchise locally

FranchiseSoft also gives your individual franchisees cutting-edge tools to make managing a franchise unit easier than ever.

Managing a franchise locally is easy when you can:

  • Monitor and support on-site employees from any device. Our robust field service management software lets individual franchise owners sign off on jobs, check up on employees, managing scheduling, process payments, and more, from any mobile device.
  • Respond better to existing customers’ needs and increase conversions. The Customer Management module simplifies communication with clients, seamlessly converts leads to customers, provides detailed reports on customer operations, and more.
  • Improve communication and support capabilities. Should any problems arise, FranchiseSoft allows instant communication with support staff, franchisors, and fellow franchisees.
  • Empower local franchise owners with critical information. In the same way that franchisors enjoy enterprise-level reporting, local franchise owners will benefit from custom, scaled reports that inform individual marketing and sales strategies.

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