Must-Have Franchise Customer Management Software Features in 2019

Must-Have Franchise Customer Management Software Features in 2019

Aug 07,2019 By

Franchise customer management software benefits big brands in several ways, including:

  • Better customer relationships
  • Better communications with customers and coworkers
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Greater opportunities for automation
  • Stronger sales results
  • Improved employee satisfaction, and more!

But with so many franchise customer management software solutions on the market, it can be hard to decide which brand to trust.

Today’s post is meant to help. Read on to learn the top-4 must-have features that every franchise customer management software solution ought to offer in 2019. If your current solution is lacking in any of these areas, you’re leaving money on the table!

What To Expect From Your Franchise Customer Management Software:

Centralized contact management. Owning a franchise means interfacing with all kinds of people. On any given day, you might strategize with executive-level investors, deal directly with customers, assist fellow franchisees, check in with vendors, and reach out to leads.

By and large, managing a franchise means managing relationships, which is what makes contact management tools so valuable. Keeping track of your different contacts with a Rolodex, spreadsheet, or little black book–or worse, a combination of all 3–is a serious waste of time. And yet, juggling multiple contact management tools is something many franchisors are guilty of.

Franchise customer management software is a far superior option. FranchiseSoft automatically tracks and organizes all information about customers, partners, and other relevant contacts. This centralized contact hub simplifies outreach, marketing, and customer relations, and makes it easy to move new leads through your sales cycle. Pinpoint exactly who you’re looking for with our powerful search tools, then instantly call, text, or email that contact from the UI.

Employee monitoring and support capabilities. Though not strictly a franchise customer management software feature, employee monitoring and support capabilities are essential for keeping customers happy.

First, enhanced employee monitoring and support capabilities offset negative customer experiences that cost your business money. FranchiseSoft’s employee management module simplifies communication with employees, which makes it easier to provide the support field service workers need when unforeseen problems arise. Employees can upload pictures of the job for help or sign-off from higher ups, or instantly access training and support materials via your private intranet. Our employee management module also eliminates scheduling errors and oversights that can sour customer relations.

If a customer has a problem with their service, our employee management module makes it easy to spot what went wrong and hold staff accountable for their actions. FranchiseSoft automatically archives all customer-worker correspondence for your review, and auto-generates dynamic reports on employee operations that help you pinpoint problems.

Sales force automation. In 2019, all franchise customer management software ought to automate salesforce tasks, including lead management, data entry, appointment scheduling, inventory monitoring, and so on. Automation naturally increases your response times–which customers love–and it also frees up staff to focus on direct customer care.

FranchiseSoft does all that and more.

Unfettered mobility. In 2019, there’s a mobile app for almost everything, from sound drops to “aging” filters. It only makes sense that your franchise customer management software be fully capable on-the-go.

With FranchiseSoft, you can literally run your entire business and digital operations from the palm of your hand. Every single module in our franchise customer management software solution is available via our mobile app. Break free of office hour constraints and serve your customers whenever it works for you!

Learn More About Franchise Customer Management Software Solutions

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