Stop Scrolling, Start Selling: Franchise Lead Management on Your Phone

Stop Scrolling, Start Selling: Franchise Lead Management on Your Phone

Dec 21,2018 By

We all spend a lot of time on our phones, but what has all that scrolling done to grow your franchise lately?

One Statista report looking at the average daily usage of social media worldwide found that the typical user spent 135 minutes scrolling through their Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook feeds every day. That’s 821 hours per year, the equivalent to 20.53 full work weeks.


But maybe it’s not all bad. After all, social media can be used as a great tool for networking and franchise development, especially LinkedIn. According to social media marketing research, more than 40% of total social media-related franchise sales come from LinkedIn. With over 450-million profiles registered and easy outreach tools at your fingertips, scrolling LinkedIn with an eye for promising candidates might not be a total waste of time.

Nevertheless, even that small percentage of social media users who are scrolling productively (aka actively seeking franchise candidates and reaching out to potential leads) are not using their lead-generation time optimally.

What follows a brief overview of the real franchise lead management and lead generation functionality that FranchiseSoft offers, all with nothing more than our modern software and your favorite mobile device. Read on to learn how you can stop scrolling and start selling more franchises in 2018.

Franchise Lead Management on Your Mobile Device

Efficient franchise lead management translates to bigger budgets, stronger sales, and better customer relations. With FranchiseSoft, it’s all at your fingertips.

Consider how our mobile franchise solution can help you address all the following franchise lead management problems, which originally appeared in BrightTALK’s Lead Generation Report:

  • Keep leads engaged and active in the sales cycle. 53% of marketers say half of more of their budget is allocated to franchise lead generation. More efficient franchise lead management means higher conversion rates and less money wasted generating new leads. FranchiseSoft’s franchise lead management software makes it much easier to keep leads engaged and move them effectively through the sales process. Franchisors can consolidate all lead communications into a single app on their phone. All correspondence is automatically archived and accessible from the lead profile, so you can effortlessly juggle multiple lead relationships and make each prospect feel “special.” This same functionality lets you hand off lead management and sales duties seamlessly, since other sales representatives can review correspondence and quickly be brought up to speed after the task is assigned.
  • Attract high-quality leads with smarter campaigns. 59% of respondents said that generating high quality leads was their biggest B2B lead generation challenges.Much of this challenge has to do with the quality of the lead generation campaign, which really boils down to research and analysis–knowing where your best leads come from historically allows you to design more effective lead generation campaigns in the future.With FranchiseSoft, all leads are automatically entered into the system to create the 360-degree lead profile, which includes info on the lead’s background, source of investment, net worth, cash available for investment, lead source, inquiry date, and more. All data can be parsed from your mobile device to determine which lead sources and demographics yielded the best results.Furthermore, lead generation trends are summarized in auto-generated reports on a custom schedule (all of which can be viewed from your phone), so you can design smarter lead generation campaigns that attract higher quality candidates.
  • Make time with automated lead management. “Lack of resources such as staff, funding, and time remains the biggest obstacles to successful B2B lead generation for 61% of respondents,” researchers report. If you lack time, make some. FranchiseSoft lets you automate time-consuming (but less-important) aspects of lead management so you can focus on directing your attention where it counts. From the “FD Sales” tab, you can set up automated emails to nurture lead relationships and move candidate through the sales cycle, hands-free. For example, you can arrange for an automatic “welcome” email to be sent whenever a lead interacts with your contact page. This email can give information about your company, point the reader towards next steps, and share further contact info and company resources.

All of this can be done from your phone–anytime, anywhere. So what’s your excuse for scrolling away potential leads?

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