Franchise CRM Buyer’s Guide

The Ultimate Franchise CRM Buyer’s Guide

Dec 11,2017 By

The holiday season is fast approaching. What better gift to buy your business than a franchise CRM?

Buying a franchise CRM is one of the few “quick fixes” that actually works, yielding tangible benefits for sales, marketing, organization, and customer satisfaction within weeks of its installation.

Today’s post is meant to help you choose the right franchise CRM. Read on to learn some must-have features for your franchise CRM.

  • Synthesized, multi-dimensional tools. Many of the free franchise CRMs you’ll find online amount to little more than siloed, one-dimensional contact manager or calendar tools. While these are both great at what they do, your franchise CRM needs to graduate past the basics. The best franchise CRMs don’t simply hold and organize your data; they analyze and interpret every metric you input to improve your business’s all-around performance. With that in mind, try to look for software that provides systems for developing client relationships, closing deals, and generating new leads.Moreover, the best franchise CRMs ensure synergy between different modules, rather than simply bundling disconnected tools. Synthesizing data minimizes manual data-entry time, centralizing information for a top-down view that’ll take your analytical power to new levels. FranchiseSoft is an all-in-one software, which means that each modular section interacts seamlessly together and pulls from common data points, thereby reducing the need to enter data into multiple areas.
  • Integrated email. No matter the industry you’re in or level of business you’ve risen to, email will always be an essential part of your daily operations. When you’re reaching out to passive candidates, building client relationships, or handling customer concerns, switching between your franchise CRM and email program gets old really fast, and constitutes the exact kind of meaningless busywork every business person should try to eliminate. FranchiseSoft offers full email integration so users never have to navigate away or fumble around with clumsy contact copy-and-paste tasks.
  • International functionality. If your franchise is looking to expanding international, we highly recommend choosing a franchise CRm that works in multiple countries. This saves franchisors from having to train employees and troubleshoot on multiple software platforms, and also makes it much easier to build big-picture business reports that factor in global figures.
  • Effortless internal data sharing. Your franchise CRM should make it easy for your staff and sales force to exchange data. If you’re in an industry that requires collaboration between multiple departments, keep an eye open for software that has built-in document management.FranchiseSoft’s Intranet system does it all, allowing you to create digital libraries, collaborate on documents, and share files with a few clicks. Our simplified messaging system is simple yet secure, equally suitable for company-wide broadcasts or the sending of sensitive information, and all communication is documented intuitively for easy referencing.
  • Robust reporting features. Your franchise CRM should do more than record data; it should highlight opportunities, forewarn you of potential risks, and give all your business decisions a strong, factual basis. In addition to fully automated and easy-to-read reports, FranchiseSoft’s intuitive dashboards track and analyze key performance indicators in real time so you can respond to signals faster than the competition.

Consider these five key franchise CRM features to be the bare minimum. Buying something along these lines will take you far, but premium options are available for less than you’d think!

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