What Is The Best Crm Software For A Franchise Business?

What Is The Best Crm Software For A Franchise Business?

Mar 20,2020 By

Today’s post walks readers through franchise CRM software 101. Learn about CRM software–what it is, what it can do for you, and what features you shouldn’t go without–then book a free demo with FranchiseSoft.

What Is CRM Software?

CRM stands for customer relationship management.

At its most basic, a franchise CRM is a contact database that stores client and customer information–contact names, email addresses, phone numbers, and so on. Basic franchise CRMs also allow you to add notes so you can manually track leads’ progress through the sales cycle, leave yourself reminders, and include any info the lead profile didn’t include.

Advanced franchise CRM software gives you a lot more capabilities, like automating customer relations, prospect generation, and lead management.

What Can I Do With Franchise CRM Software?

As with all our franchise software modules, our franchise CRM is designed to be flexible and deeply customizable, which makes for almost limitless functionality. But that’s not the answer you’re looking for, so let’s get specific and walk you through what franchise CRM automation looks like.

Imagine having an automated system like this:

  1. You have a prospect come to a custom landing page that you built through our software, with the design informed by historical sales data automatically stored in your FranchiseSoft franchise management system.
  2. The prospect converts into a lead by giving you their email address, maybe by filling out a form requesting one of the custom brochures FranchiseSoft helps you create, or by submitting a customer satisfaction survey after an in-store cash purchase. From there, the lead’s given information is automatically added to your contact database.
  3. As the lead data is auto-logged, they’re automatically sent custom, targeted emails using templates you’ve created or approved ahead of time, which begin nurturing them through the buying process.
  4. Now the lead is ready to buy. They click on a link and your salesperson gets sent an automatic alert notifying them that a hot lead is sending buying signals. The salesperson could then call the lead and either close the sale or begin building a relationship, both of which are automatically tracked, with all correspondence logged automatically and any sales data being automatically inputted into the system.

You can learn more about FranchiseSoft’s franchise CRM software features on our Customer Management Software page. Alternatively, you can call 888-302-3676 to speak directly with a representative and book a free virtual demo with a member of our team.

Features To Look For In Franchise CRM Software

Flexibility, customization, and automation on the three pillars upon which great franchise CRM software is built. Look for companies that prioritize these things.

In terms of specific toolkits, recommendations vary depending on your franchise industry, but your franchise CRM should let you do the following:

  • Set up automatic alerts and reminders when you need to reach out to a customer or to a lead;
  • Automated email tracking so you can nurture leads all the way through the sale at precisely the right moments;
  • Create custom landing pages to tailor your message, offer, or ads to different audiences;
  • Score or sort different prospect and lead profiles based on how they interact with your ads, website, or email campaigns, so you know exactly who to prioritize and who to reach out to;
  • Track customer payments automatically for easy reference and better bookkeeping;
  • Create and disseminate customer satisfaction surveys to help improve processes, pinpoint customer “pain points,” and secure valuable contact information.

The ‘Scientific’ Value Of Franchise CRMs

Salesforce studies have shown that companies that use franchise CRMs properly can increase their sales by up to 29%.

In 2011, Business Wire reported study findings indicating that the ROI of a franchise CRM was approximately five times its cost. Specifically, every $1 spent on the franchise CRM yielded $5.60 in sales revenue. That’s a pretty smart investment!

More recent studies reveal even greater value for franchise CRMs. According to a 2014 report by Nuclear Research, CRM pays back $8.71 for every dollar spent. That’s a 55% ROI increase from 2011 study figures.

Opportunity Abounds With Franchise CRMs

Shockingly, less than half of all companies (47%) are currently implementing CRM software, according to research by Smart Insights.

With so many companies leaving automation opportunities on the table, implementing franchise CRM software gives your company serious competitive advantages. Not only will your company be more efficient, more responsive to customers needs, and more aware of hot leads’ buyer signals, but faster sales cycle turnover frees up our most precious resource–time!

Our modular franchise CRM system is flexible and budget friendly, so there’s really no excuse not to implement this software solution and pull ahead of the competition. Your customers and franchisees will thank you for it.

Why Choose Franchisesoft’s Franchise CRM?

There’s even more reason to work with FranchiseSoft than all the automation opportunities and custom capabilities discussed here and on our Customer Management page.

In addition to all that functionality, FranchiseSoft is built by and for franchise owners. Our team is made up of current and former franchise owners and franchisees. This direct industry experience gives us unique perspective and insight into the everyday needs of franchise owners and operators, which helps us serve our clients at the level we expect ourselves.

And since our team includes current franchise owners, we use our franchise CRM ourselves, every day! That means we’re constantly on the prowl for any bugs, inefficiencies, or areas in need of improvement, and quick to implement fixes and updates.

We’re also the franchise CRM of choice for a number of top brands, but we’ll leave that talk to our testimonials.

Book A Free Franchise CRM Demonstration

Time for us to put up or shut up; less talk, more action. We’ve told you about our franchise CRM–now let’s show you our franchise CRM.

Call 888-302-3676 or visit the FranchiseSoft Finance module page to schedule your free consultation and franchise software demo. There is never any commitment to buy–we’re here to answer your questions and show you how we can help, not push any sales agenda.