Creating Multi Level Utility Inside Our All In One Franchise CRM

Creating Multi-Level Utility: Inside Our All-In-One Franchise CRM

Jul 11,2018 By

No software deserves to call itself an “all-in-one franchise CRM” unless it truly benefits everyone in the franchise system. If your current software doesn’t create more business for franchisees and a happier, healthier franchise family for the brand, it’s not an all-in-one franchise CRM.

With that in mind, today’s post offers a few examples of what makes FranchiseSoft a true all-in-one franchise CRM.

Empower single unit owners with our all-in-one franchise CRM

When you deploy our all-in-one franchise CRM, you give your franchisees some incredible customer relations tools.

First, to help initiate the customer relationship, FranchiseSoft’s Marketing module will get more eyes on targeted units by providing a stronger web presence, better looking ads, and valuable report insights to tweak local campaigns.

Next, our all-in-one franchise CRM helps franchisees make sales by streamlining communications with customers and leads. Franchisees will have the ability to log and review correspondence with leads, customers, and prospects at any time, and reach out to them directly via SMS or email on any mobile device. And once the customer is ready to convert, you can schedule the appointment without switching programs, which automatically notifies the representative in charge of the job.

Once the sale is made, you have complete control over staff in the field as they serve the customer. You can monitor your field rep in real-time, request that they upload photos for quality assurance, process payments and invoices, address questions or concerns, and much more. All customer interactions and service calls are logged for later review, which can be useful when addressing complaints or working with a milestone payment system.

Getting multi-level value from our all-in-one franchise system

Franchisors have even more reasons to put our all-in-one franchise CRM to use.

FranchiseSoft supports your franchise development in a number of ways – here’s just a taste:

  • Find more qualified candidates. Our all-in-one franchise CRM supports lead generation in a number of ways. For example, we’re always monitoring lead sources. The top 5 are always shown on your FD Sales page to help you direct lead generation dollars where they count.
  • Get a 360-degree view of prospective franchise owners. Our all-in-one franchise CRM automatically parses all data into lead lists for better searching and organization. For example, when it’s time to consider adding some area representatives, you might choose to sort your lead list by the amount of cash they indicated was currently available for investment. Send your offer to those with the means to invest, then move on – sure beats calling each franchisee to make your pitch one-by-one!
  • Leverage customizable and highly automated sales processes. Every franchisor has a unique sales process, but our all-in-one franchise CRM accommodates all of them. Design your work flow any way you like, then monitor leads’ progress through your unique internal conversion process in real time. You can even set up automatic events to nurture these relationships completely hands-free, such as email-blasting brochures, welcome messages, or fond farewells to leads based on their progress through the workflow.
  • Enjoy unparalleled franchise performance monitoring. As a franchisor, it’s your job to help franchisees perform at their best, and step in to help those who may be struggling. That’s where our franchise performance module shines. Using intuitive dashboards, detailed reports, and real-time communication, you can manage everything from royalty fees to P&L data.

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