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Must-Have Franchise Customer Management Software Features in 2019

Aug 07, 2019 By

Franchise customer management software benefits big brands in several ways, including: Better customer relationships Better communications with customers and coworkers Enhanced customer service Greater opportunities for automation Stronger sales results Improved employee satisfac...

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Why Trust FranchiseSoft’s Franchise Technology Solutions?

Jul 29, 2019 By

Google “franchise technology solutions” and you get more than 52-million results, none of which help you determine who you can actually trust with your brand name. Choosing the wrong franchise technology solution can be disastrous--a total waste of money at best. Today’s post is intended to...

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Catch Mistakes and Cut Costs with Reporting Software for Franchises

Jul 22, 2019 By

Mistakes are part of life and part of business. They’re often catalysts for personal growth and lessons learned. But excessive mistakes can be costly--indeed, they can potentially destroy your business. As current and former franchise owners ourselves, we know all about how devastating simple ...

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Close More Sales with Franchise Lead Management Software

Jul 15, 2019 By

Is your franchise lead management software helping you close more sales? Your answer should be a resounding yes--and you ought to have the stats to prove it. If that’s not the case, you’re 100% leaving money on the table. Our franchise lead management software can help. Today’s post h...

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