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How To Adjust Lead List with Columns in FranchiseSoft?

Nov 15, 2022 By There are a few ways to manipulate the columns displayed on your Lead List. Display Additional Columns 1. To edit the columns displayed on your Lead List click on the drop down list labeled "Columns". 2. This will display all available columns. ...

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How to Import Leads in FranchiseSoft Franchise Lead Management Software

Nov 14, 2022 By

How to Import Leads - Part 1 How to Import Leads - Part 2 1. Select Admin from the left-hand menu and then choose Data Migration. 2. Select Lead. 3. On the Lead Import screen, choose a lead owner from the...

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How To Save Your Default Settings on the Lead List in FranchiseSoft?

Nov 11, 2022 By Once you have arranged your Lead List in a view you like, you can save that to be your default display every time you open the Lead List. 1. Select the filters and columns you want to display. 2. Click "Save as Default Search" located below the filter...

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How To Create or Edit a Lead Status in FranchiseSoft?

Nov 11, 2022 By 1. Click Admin on the main navigation and select Master Data. 2. Click on Lead Status. This will open the list of current lead statuses. 3. To add a new status, click Add New. 4. Enter Lead Status Name and Sequence. A status type can be applied for a Positive (...

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