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Sharing the Struggle: The “Secret” Behind Our Franchise Operations Software

Feb 12,2018 By

Today’s post explains the “secret” behind our franchise operations software’s intuitive design, user-customizability, broad functionality.

What makes our franchise operations software so effective for franchisors and franchisees?

The secret’s simple: we’re franchise owners, too.

BY AND FOR: Our franchise operations software was built to solve your problems.

When creating franchise operations software, there is often a disconnect between what the franchise owner wants and what the developer understands. In the same way that the developers lack franchise experience, the franchise owner won’t know how to express their ideas and solutions using high-tech coding and abstraction.

In the best case, a mix of flawless communication and mutual effort bridges the gap, and quality franchise operations software is developed.

But as former and current franchise owners, FranchiseSoft developers avoid that whole headache. There is no disconnect. Our years of franchising (and struggling with mismatched software for marketing, bookkeeping, development, and so on) inform our product.

FranchiseSoft is made by-and-for franchise owners; we streamlined key tasks, opened up communication channels, optimized remote management and reporting, and flushed out every opportunity to automate, all in a way that would improve the way we run our various franchises.

We’re thrilled to tell you about it and can’t wait to show you more.

SLEEK AND UNIQUE: Our franchise operations software is all about you.

Have you ever heard of “feature bloat”? It’s a pejorative term end users adopted to describe software that’s glutted with unwanted components. And it’s exactly what your franchise needs to avoid.

Unfortunately, feature bloat is very common in long-lived franchise operations software as developers try to service a large, diverse marketplace with varying requirements. It all starts with good intentions, as developers try to include unique and comprehensive software tools for every industry. But, as the old saying goes, if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

New franchise operations software isn’t a sure thing, either. Some developers add impractical or irrelevant bonus tools just because they can (or just to see if they can!).

You may be thinking that extra features don’t really sound that bad, even if you can’t see yourself using them anytime soon; after all, you think, it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have.

But feature bloat brings serious consequences! Bloated franchise operations software runs slower and is more prone to crashing. Excessive features usually make for a crowded user interface or dashboard that’s tough to navigate. And don’t forget more features add cost!

Rather than selling you tools for 99+ industries you’re never going to get involved in, our franchise operations software focuses on flexible and broadly functional “feature foundations” that can then be custom-built and fine-tuned to suit your business’s day-to-day and big-picture needs.

So, for example, rather than selling you a comprehensive restaurant inventory system, we use a dynamic ERP software module that can be tailored to optimize inventory levels and supply chain in any industry.

Or maybe your healthcare business needs to step up the training process for new staff members. In that case, we offer the Intranet as a foundation for you to create, edit, and disseminate training materials from any mobile device.

We don’t endorse feature bloat. In fact, we took the opposite approach, striving to offer a fat-free product that anticipated and accommodated user needs, with a major emphasis on the need for customizability.

Informed by our franchise experience, our sleek-and-unique franchise operations software gives you the “feature foundation” you need to develop custom tools, tasks, events, and processes, with the option to mix-and-match modular programs to build software that’s uniquely tailored for your business.

And don’t worry – we’ll help you every step of the way. Send us a message at