How To Create A Lead Source in FranchiseSoft?

Nov 10, 2022 By

Click Admin on the main navigation and select Master Data. 2. Click on Lead Sources. 3. To add a new lead source, click Add New. in the upper right-hand corner. 4. Choose a Lead Source Category from the select box. 5. Enter a name for this ...

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How To Edit On Lead List Using Inline Editing in FranchiseSoft?

Nov 10, 2022 By

When you have the lead list open you can edit most of the fields or columns that display using inline editing. 2. Simply hover over any column accept email address and the edit icon will appear. 3. Click on the icon and the field will become edit...

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How To Access The Lead List in Grid View in FranchiseSoft?

Nov 04, 2022 By

addition to the standard list view you can view your leads in a grid sorted by Lead Status. To change your view on the lead list: 1. Click the button to the right that looks like 4 squares in a grid. 2. Once the new view displays, you can scroll...

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