FranchiseSoft’s ‘Multidimensional Perspective’ as Key to Successful Franchise Software Development

FranchiseSoft’s ‘Multidimensional Perspective’ as Key to Successful Franchise Software Development

Oct 18,2019 By

What is a “multidimensional perspective,” exactly, and what in the world does it have to do with successful franchise software development?

Let’s start at the top.

Quite simply, if something is multidimensional, it has several dimensions or aspects. So a multidimensional perspective means seeing situations, problems, and solutions from several different angles or points of view.

Having a multidimensional perspective is always a good thing, whether you’re trying to solve software problems for a franchise or save the world. For instance, in the field of social work, the multidimensional approach rejects the idea that a single theory or point of view can be universally applied to explain social issues. Rather, multidimensional perspectives consider multiple theories, all the while providing space for variations and watching for interrelationships. This generally leads to a more nuanced and individualized understanding of social issues, while decreasing the risks of leaving potential blindspots.

So what’s this all got to do with successful franchise software development? Very much, actually; indeed, it might be our “secret” to success.

Franchisesoft’s Multidimensional Perspective

Our franchise software development team is made up of:

  • Former and current franchise operators/business owners at multiple levels.
  • Franchisors growing businesses in multiple industries.
  • Experienced franchise marketers — FranchiseSoft CEO Jam Hasmi also runs ClickTecs, a digital marketing agency that specializes in franchise marketing and SEO. Entrepreneur Magazine announced the Top Franchise Suppliers for 2019 and ClickTecs was ranked in the Top 5 suppliers in the Franchise Marketing category.
  • Franchise development specialists — ClickTecs is currently working with over 100 franchise brands in Canada and the US.
  • Franchise software users/consumers that have tried many different products over the years before FranchiseSoft was created.
  • Franchise software development experts with plenty of successful apps and programs under their belts.

Our multidimensional approach to software design draws from all of these unique perspectives in order to fully understand what’s needed to create a truly great franchise solution that works in any industry and at any level of business.

Here’s just a few examples of how our multidimensional approach inspired some of our greatest innovations:

→ As busy business owners and franchisees, we learned the value of task automation, streamlined communication, remote employee management capabilities, and reporting tools.

→ Building franchise brands gave us priceless insights into what’s needed for great franchise development and lead management, while our extensive franchise marketing experience taught us all about high-level market research, analytics, and branding.

→ Managing brands of our own as franchisors gave us plenty of ideas about how to improve franchise performance monitoring and make onboarding a little easier, too. And after years of using all kinds of other franchise software but never finding the right fit, frustrating problems become beacons for areas of potential improvement.

→ Most important of all, our franchise software development experience gave us the perspective needed to translate these “pain points” into digital solutions.

Free Franchise Software Demonstrations

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