How to Import Leads in FranchiseSoft?

Jun 08, 2023 By

will allow you to import basic contacts, brokers, vendors, employees, area rep users, or any other contact type you have created in your database. To create additional types of contacts, please see the article “Cr...

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How to View Item 23 Receipt Page in FranchiseSoft

Jun 07, 2023 By

the FDD is delivered to a candidate, our system requires your candidate to acknowledge that they have received the FDD before it allows them to download the document. The information provided by the candidate in the following screen will populate the Item 23 Re...

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How to Create an SMS Drip Campaign in FranchiseSoft?

Jun 06, 2023 By

From the Marketing tab on the main navigation, click Campaigns. 2. Select Drip Campaigns from the menu. 3. Enter all campaign details on the Add Drip Campaign page. 4. Ensure that the Campaign Type is selected as Drip 5. Choose send type: SMS 6. Apply a Tr...

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How to Create an SMS Campaign in FranchiseSoft?

Jun 05, 2023 By

marketing makes the process of communicating with prospective franchisees and customers easy and simple. With Email, SMS and Drip Campaigns, our users can create marketing campaigns to all contact types within FranchiseSoft ®. Send automated emails and/or SMS t...

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